Through her unique portraits, Marie-Ange Daudé expresses her desire for aestheticism and femininity as well as her tendency towards melancholy and nostalgia

Marie-Ange Daudé is a plastician, a portraitist and a feather artist.

The faces that she paints are strong, and express a rare emotion. The chosen material, feathers, exacerbates the fragility and feminine softness.

The feeling of transparency of the portrait and its evanescent side is brought by the concept of the work: the feathers are fixed on almost invisible nylon threads, which allow the portrait to be lifted off the support and to appear in levitation. The absence of color enhances emotion and nostalgia. The duvet of the feathers bring a touch of softness to the whole.


Born in 1964 in Limoges, Marie-Ange Daudé has worked in real estate development before becoming an artist. She lives and works in France.


AAF Brussels
London Art Fair
Lille Art Up
AAF London Hampstead
San Fransisco Art Market
Art Market Hampton
Seattle Art Fair


Lille Art Up

Seattle Art Fair

Art Market Hamptons

AAF London Battersea

AAF Amsterdam Art Cube Gallery, Paris, Solo show




Personal exhibition "Dévisage, Défigure", Lagon


Public prize at the SIAC, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Marseille, France

Nominated at the Bernard Magrez competition in Bordeaux, France (2nd category sculpture).