I need to appropriate things, images, and to do so with my hands, armed with the colours I make myself from pigments. In order to finalize the work, I polish the surface of the works for weeks, layer after layer, to give them a special lacquer and shine that brings out the colours.

Edouard Buzon's work is characterized by flat surfaces with an impeccable varnish finish. Fascinated by abstract painting, the self-taught artist has shaped his own tools throughout his career in order to achieve his plastic goal. Paying particular attention to color, he selects himslef the raw pigments that make his painting so intense. His works are then meticulously polished in his studio, before being protected from the slightest particle of dust. 


After having used photography, the artist returns to abstraction in his latest series. Researching the perfect balance between color and line, he favors pure geometric compositions where characters have completely disappeared. To provoke a face-to-face with raw color, that is the ultimate stake that underlies each of Edouard Buzon's artworks.


Edouard Buzon was born in Clamart in 1979. He lives and works at Montreuil in France. Self-taught artist, he decided to be a professional painter after being engaged in an other job for many years, while practicing his art in parallel. He started a fertile and prolific collaboration with K+Y Gallery which regularly exposes his work.




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K+Y Gallery Paris VIII

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