Surfaces: Group Show


For the first exhibition of the year, we present a new artist and a new series of works. The exhibition will feature the work of Dutch artist Arjan Boeve, who recreates pop culture characters in stained glass using the Tiffany copper technique. You will also discover Antoine Gaussin's aerial photographs of equestrian competitions.




Influenced by his experience as an animator, Dutch artist Arjan Boeve (aka Above) works exclusively with stained glass. Fascinated by the way the properties of glass influence lines, he uses the technique called Tiffany, which involves adjusting shaped glass with copper foil edges. In 2018, Arjan was commissioned by Disney to participate in Mickey's 90th birthday celebrations. This marked the start of a series of stained glass art pieces that celebrate the iconic pop culture of our time.


Edouard Buzon is a French artist whose work is characterized by flat surfaces with a varnished finish
impeccable finish. Fascinated by abstract painting, the self-taught artist has shaped his own tools throughout his career in order to his own tools to achieve his plastic objective. Paying particular attention to color, he selects the raw pigments selects the raw pigments that make his painting intense. Edouard Buzon's new series of monochromes focuses on textures and surfaces; the irregular appearance of pigments under successive layers of varnish presents a striking contrast. To provoke a face-to-face encounter with raw color is the ultimate challenge that underlies each of his works.


Antoine Gaussin is a French photographer who excels at expressing a sense of visual solitude punctuated by small reference points scattered across expansive landscapes. The result is a powerful sense of peace and serenity. In his latest series, the artist photographed Belgian stud farms from a helicopter by a happy coincidence. Captivated by the layout of the jumping tracks, he was seduced by the abstract patterns of the coloured obstacles seen from the sky. Subtle, delicate, and evocative of the dynamism of the sport, these photos are also a testimony to the rich history of horse riding in Belgium.