Finnish and Mexican artist duo, both reside in Geneva, Switzerland. Ana Dominguez Lombard, born 1974 in Veracruz, Mexico. From 1994 to 1997, she studied at Arte AC Institute of Monterrey to receive a BA in Graphic Design. In parallel to setting up her graphic design studio, she professionalized her passion for capturing moments with photography and moved to Europe to further deepen her skills at ECAL by following courses in photography. Noora Kulvik, was born in 1979 in Helsinki, Finland, where she lived her early childhood before moving to Switzerland and then to Paris, France to attend Parsons School of Art and Design to study Fine Arts, where she obtained a BFA in 2001 and continued to work independently until 2015 when they decide to first collaborate.




Photo Basel, Basel, Switzerland
Arles expositions, Off Photographique Arles, France
Almanaque Galería, Lucidum Apparatus, Mexico City, Mexico
Espace L Galerie, Digital Vibrations, Genève, Switzerland
Sunny Art Center, Art prize finalists exhibition, London, UK

ST-ART art fair, Strasbourg, France
PHOTO SCHWEIZ art fair, Zurich, Switzerland
Espace L Galerie, Summer Show, Genève, Switzerland
Espace L Galerie, "Monde végétal", Genève, Switzerland

ART PARIS art fair, Grand Palais, Paris, France
Espace L Galerie, "RIO_GVA", Genève, Switzerland
Espace L Galerie, "Illuminations", Genève, Switzerland
"The Secret Garden", Ephemeral outdoor exhibition, Conches, Switzerland
Espace L Galerie, "Year of Kaos", Genève, Switzerland

Espace L Galerie, "Expo d'été", Genève, Switzerland
Espace L Galerie, "Galaxie" Nuit des bains, Genève, Switzerland
The Brick Lane Gallery, Londres, United-Kingdom

United Nations, Salle des pas perdus, Genève, Switzerland
L'art dans l'R, Genève, Switzerland

Espace L Galerie, "Lucidum", Genève, Switzerland
Espace art D10, "Bridges", Hotel Ritz Carlton, Genève, Switzerland
Galerie La Primaire, "Metamorphoses", Genève, Switzerland

Le Bonnet Rouge, "Metamorphoses", Gruyère, Switzerland

Galerie Hermitage, Genève, Switzerland