Nemo Jantzen plays with focus, creating a sense of depth, thus bringing into question the act of voyeurism and the anticlimactic and revelatory nature of privacy.

In his hyperrealistic work, Nemo Jantzen is much inspired by film and tries to capture details of highly enlarged objects or photographic moments in time. These scenes portray often decadent and noir-style subject matters with a story to tell - like a movie still with an open ending - deliberately avoiding eye contact that could give away the personality of the painted subjects, as to not interfere with the imagination of the spectator. This compells us to think and imagine what has happened or what will happen next. Intrigued by light and the mystery of darkness, Jantzen plays with focus, creating a sense of depth and connecting the image and viewer through the inclusion of the optical vocabulary of cinematography, and the allusion to the constraints of the instant polaroid.

In his mixed-media body work, Nemo Jantzen wishes to capture and address the times we live in. In particular the voyeurism of hidden cameras and video surveillance that have become accepted in our society, creating awareness of this invasion of privacy for our own perverted need to watch and to know everything. In the name of safety and control, and fed by the media, this imagery has changed into entertainment and pleasure. He depicts public figures that became common good and through a language of blurred and pixelated imagery, photographic stills and scenes that can tell whole stories in one glance. His pieces together form pixelated shapes that merely suggest an image that our imagination transforms into flowing and complete figures. The missing details and shortage of information stimulates our imagination to fill in the blanks and create the excitement. With large-scale images built out of hundreds of small images; stories incapsulated in glass spheres the work simply keeps repeating to the viewers. In a word : “The closer you look, the less you see”.


Born and raised in The Hague in 1970, Nemo Jantzen then studied art, design and photography at the RTO in Rotterdam and moved to Antwerp to work as a creative director and billboard artist, while further developing his technique and style as a fine artist. After several years in Belgium and a year travelling through Asia and the Middle East, he settled down in Spain, where he dedicated his career to the making of fine arts, mentoring other artists and constantly exhibiting to high acclaim.




Art Madrid

Art Karlsruhe

MContemporary, Sydney

Solo show Fremin gallery, New York

Group show, HOFA, London

Solo show, Villa del Arte, Barcelona

Group show, HOFA, Mykonos

Context Art Miami, K+Y Gallery



Istanbul Contemporary

Solo show Fremin gallery, New York

Sydney Contemporary, MContemporary

Solo show Mensing gallery, Berlin

Art New York, Fremin gallery, New York

Group show, MContempoary, Sydney

Group show, HOFA, London

Group show, Villa del Arte, Barcelona



Art Miami

Scope Miami, K+Y Gallery

Solo show Fremin gallery, New York

Sydney Contemporary MContemporary

Solo show Galerie Mensing, Cologne

Group show, Bel Air gallery, St. Tropez

Solo show Galerie Mensing, Berlin

Art New York, Fremin gallery

Group show Villa del Arte, Amsterdam

Solo show MContemporary, Sydney

Group show Villa del Arte, Barcelona

Solo show Galerie Mensing, Hannover

Art Mrkt Hamptons, K+Y Gallery

Group show, House of Fine Art London

Group show, House of Fine Art Mykonos

Istanbul Contemporary Villa del Arte

Art Karlsruhe Villa del Arte galleries

Group show, K+Y gallery Paris

Texas Contemporary, ZK Gallery

Palm Beach Contemporary, K+Y gallery

US, Group show ZK Gallery San Francisco

LA Art Show, K+Y Gallery

LA Art Show
Context Art Miami
Art Market Hamptons
Scope Miami Beach
AAF London Hampstead
Art Up Lille

Art Up Lille
AAF New York
Art Center Hong Kong
LA Art Show
Context Art Miami
Art Market Hamptons
Scope Miami Beach

Art New York
Art central, Hong Kong
Art Wynwood
Miami Artstage
LA Art Show
AAF Singapore
AAF New York

Contemporary Istanbul
Artstage, Singapore
Art Hamptons
Art Southampton
Art Toronto
Art Jakarta
Art Miami
Art Wynwood
Scope Basel, Miami
LA Art Show
AAF New York
Wanrooijn gallery, Amsterdam
De Medicis gallery, Paris

LA Art Show
Art Hamptons
Art Wynwood
Scope Miami
Scope Basel
AAF Hampstead
Amsterdam Show
Artered gallery
New York Artstage
Toronto art fair
AAF New York
AAF Singapore

Scope Basel
Group Show Gallery 2.0, Holland

Houston Fine Art Fair
Context art fair, Miami
Artered gallery, New York
London Art

Art Chicago, Artered, Chicago
Art Hamptons, New York
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Villa del Arte galleries, Barcelona

Line art, Gent, Belgium
ARTI'10 The Hague, Holland
BuyArt Fair, Manchester

Newcastle Gateshead

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Northern Art fair, Harrowgate

Galerie Giardino, Berg en Terblijt, Holland
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Salzburg World fine Art fair
Galeria Mallorca, Mallorca
Glasgow Art fair

Villa del Arte galleries, Barcelona
Galerie Giardino, Berg en Terblijt, Holland

So-Hyun Gallery, New York
IAF (Inspired Art Fair), London
Barcelona Art Galleries, Barcelona
Caixa Terrassa, Spain

So-Hyun Gallery, New York
Barcelona Art Gallery, Barcelona

Villa del Arte, Barcelona

Fundacion contra Sida, Barcelona