A few steps from Paris, in Normandy, you can stumble upon the old mill in which Jean-Michel Berts and his wife Valérie, a jewel designer, found three years ago the space they needed to set up their respective studios, in a green setting lulled by the sound of water. The wheels of the mill are still in the living room, in front of a fireplace that crackles all winter long. Sprinkled with the artist's photographs of cities, the mill seems to be the necessary refuge from the frenzy of the capitals he photographs, mirroring his emblematic style of long early morning poses: calm and serenity in the whirlwind of city life. Today, he invites us to his Norman haven of peace to meet his dogs, visit his studio and discover how the couple skillfully rehabilitated the 18th-century house. Discover the first episode of our new monthly series, "Artist at home", and plunge into the daily life of this extraordinary photographer.