Around a world

Tony Soulié, Autour d'un monde - Around a world
Tony Soulié, 2002

Dimensions: 28 x 4.2 x 25.5 cm

pages: 300

Tony Soulié prepares his voyages well. Sometimes a fountain marks the crossing of two paths. There, he will stop and plunge his head into the clear water. Back home, he carefully archives his sensations in red boxes that he names after territories. He spreads mains out on a big table and underlines the islands, the archipelagos and the steppes whose lines delimit frontiers to be crossed - stained with light tints, furrowed by the dotted lines of roads, railways and tracks. One day soon he will reach Baja California, Valparaiso or Peshawar, and then reach out from there... Admittedly what he's after is no more than an ordinary image. But his quest is made up of music, tiredness, long silences, meetings, sensations and visions ; visions that accumulate in his memory when time and tamed space become one. He's also a jazz lover and a lover of painting. Painting which lends itself to improvisation, and tunes itself to the chorus' pitch. He finds his passage in lime, like those ancient travellers who gave names to the strange lands where they moored their ships...