Tony Soulié: Solo show


Tony Soulié has been a recognized artist of the New French Abstraction since the 1970s. In his work, he uses painting, Land Art, photography and written inscriptions. Theatre, acrobatics and dance, Tony Soulié is interested in all arts and experiences.

He manages to combine his work as a painter with his taste for travel in open and extreme lands such as deserts, shores, volcanoes, dense forests. His art allows him to create connections in a world where infinity meets the finite, where everything is a cycle, everything is a new beginning and where horizons multiply to give us more and more to see, discover and understand. "So if, seeing my paintings, one is transported to worlds that are both known and mysterious - whether they be sprawling megacities, dizzying mountains, or flowers containing the origin of the world - my work will have borne fruit."


Hundreds of exhibitions of his works have been organized around the world and they are in numerous public and private collections such as the Musée d'art moderne de la ville de Paris or the Hawaii Arts and Culture Foundation. More than 300 solo exhibitions have been dedicated to him and his work is regularly shown at major international events.

Installation Views