Line & colour: Group Show


The summer holidays are over and we are craving for art that transcends form, appeals to our emotions and allows us to forget for a moment the reality of the visible world. Therefore, for the first time, we are organizing an exhibition exclusively dedicated to abstract art.

Come celebrate the geometry and polychromy of the works of three of our artists, whom you will have the opportunity to meet at the opening on Thursday, September 12.

Let Marcel Ceuppens -- who made the trip from New York for the occasion -- explain how design from the 1950s has influenced his red, black and blue paintings. If you don't already know Nicolas Dubreuille, a regular at the gallery, he will be happy to present his works and how he layers colours. Vinça Monadé will reveal in addition to her collage work around fragmentation and colour, a new series of ceramic sculptures.

There is no doubt that you, in turn, will crave for some abstraction.