Nick Veasey: Solo Show


"I want to excite people and help them appreciate the things around them in a new way,' says Veasey. 'X-ray is a very honest process; it shows things for what they are. In this superficial world, that's quite refreshing. It shows a product or an organic thing for how it is made - the design, the ingenuity that goes into them, warts and all."

Nick Veasey's oeuvre is typically described as 'Forensic investigation as an art form,' as the artist has chosen the X-ray as the focus of his inspiration. Although he actually works with X‑rays for the majority of his works, he also integrates photomanipulations and Photoshop in order to create a seamless image. Veasey came across such an unusual medium purely by chance - when working as a photographer and designer for a morning television show in England, he was assigned the monotonous task of X-raying soda cans to determine which ones contained a winning code for a contest sponsored by Pepsi. Ennui followed, so Veasey decided to also X-ray his sneakers and realised that the end result had a haunting aesthetic.


Perfecting his methodology, he was able to gauge object density and structure by experimenting with a variety of materials including plastic, flowers, metals and people, taking the utmost care with his living subjects. To date however, his portraits use skeletons as opposed to volunteers due to the high level of radiation that is necessary to achieve the perfect pose. Today, we are proud to present his work at the gallery, until June 30th.

Installation Views